Junior Kindergarten

The Firm Foundation Junior Kindergarten consists of a 3 & 4 year old program and a 4 & 5 year old program. 

  • The 3/4 JK meets twice a week and focuses on the ABC’s, letter recognition and letter sound, as well as number recognition, counting, and the beginning of the concept of one-to-one correspondence
  • The 4/5 JK meets three times a week and focuses on phonics: letter recognition, letter sound, and beginning blending—getting our students ready for our academically high Kindergarten program.  They also work on number concepts and science
  • Both age groups participate in daily Bible lessons and focus on God’s love through the main events in the Old and New Testament
  • Listening skills, eye-hand coordination, and social skills are also taught in both classes through focused lessons and learning areas

Ages            Days of the Week              Times                                                              Drop-Off           

3 & 4            T/Th am                             8:30-11:00am                                                 8:15-8:25am

4 & 5             M/W/F am                        8:25-11:00am                                                 8:15-8:25am

4 & 5             M/W/F pm                        12:10-2:45pm (3pm with older siblings)   12:00-12:10pm